Cilicon is a French group based in Toulouse, France with international projects in the USA, Australia and Hong Kong.

Space communications

In joint venture with our partners in Australia and the USA, we develop, assemble and distribute mobile devices with augmented communication like satellite messaging and Digital Mobile Radio. We also provide multi mode communication application and services as well as emergency services.


With our automation partners in Singapore and Hong Kong, we design, build and can deploy rapidly advanced automation equipment for automated production of health care or electronics mobile devices.

Personal protection

Our Personal Protection division focuses on emerging needs for Personal Protection Equipment in the new age of pandemics. We actively develop new eco friendly air filtration masks and devices with reusability in mind. 
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Locations and related companies

France Cilicon
244 route de Seysses,
31100 Toulouse
France Advance TC Cilicon
244 route de Seysses,
31100 Toulouse
Hong Kong

Cilicon Limited
Unit 3, 10/F, Yue Xiu Building,
160-174 Lockhart Road, Wanchai


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